Creativity a Birthright.

Creativity is a birthright. Unfortunately we have only equated it with artistic ability and talent. This is really not the case and is only a small fraction of what true creativity is. It is much larger and more important than you have yet to imagine. It is a birthright that is not only a part of our physical DNA but also part of our mental and spiritual DNA – Destiny to Nurture and Apply. It is the complete integration of body, mind and spirit which is the definition of what it is to be fully human to begin to enable the possibilities of all existence to its intended order, purpose and function.

Why aren’t we told this? It is because it is easier to control and manipulate individuals who believe that they are not creative. Without creativity you do not look for the answers and solutions to life’s problems. You blindly accept that this is how it always was and how it is always meant to be. You readily accept those seven deadly words – we have never done it that way before – that make us conform to a society and/or culture. It is easier for the powers of society that control education and religion to make workers for their benefit and not for the benefit of all of creation. That is why we have creativity trained out of us.

Society, culture, and religion limit creativity to just a select few and they have strict borders as to what they can or cannot do. The rest of us have been told that they never were creative to begin with. Families perpetuate the lie because they do not know any better or simply choose willful ignorance. We are then educated/trained/indoctrinated by a system that measures us as if we were parts on an assembly line. If we don’t make the grade we are tossed to the reject pile or simply told that we will never amount to much so you just better accept your lot in life. All this is so that we do not truly think for ourselves. We are manipulated so that all we hear is the beat of a forced march never really knowing who we are and how we can express our true identity.

We are told that we are to fit a particular pattern of existence so that we can obtain a level of success not that we can resolve or solve the problems of humanity and creation. This is an absolute lie. Unlocking creativity is accomplished by rejecting all of the lies that you are not creative. Creativity can be re-awakened simply by knowing that you are creative. It changes the way you see so that you can see the way things change.

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